Sunday, 13 April 2014

The theme for this years awards is on "being human".
It got me thinking about my honours project and
about self worth and maybe I could
incorporate it and answer this

Honours Project.


My Honours project is based on a project I done
in first year called "100". The idea is to find something
for £1 or less, draw it 100 times and write 100
words about that object. That object I chose
was a wooden puppet for 50p and a wooden
lion for £1.

Collage Doll.


Some sketchbook pages.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Prints drying.

The screen.

Helen my tutor, who specialises in
screenprinting, showed us how its done.

Me cleaning a screen.

Colours go on individually. The black
will be added later.

These are just some of the screenprinted posters me
and a few of my classmates and tutor done. They
are for our degree show, which is focused
around the theme of superstitons. The
colour scheme of the show
is red, black and white.
It was my first time
screenprinting and